Panel PC (Rugged NEMA4 20" LCD)

Here, we have iTech Company's 20-inch Rugged NEMA4 Panel PCs which are designed to perform reliably in harsh settings. With its durable hardware, it offers an ideal solution for a wide range of rugged applications such as manufacturing, military, automation, medical and food processing, among others. With its NEMA 4 rating, it signifies that these devices are water-resistant and able to withstand splashes of water and can be hosed down without a compromised in its performance. It can also endure other physical challenges such as vibration, extreme heat, dust, water, and condensation. These computers are available in Intel Core i5, Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium processors. See these products below as well as their specifications.

When planning to use an LCD monitor in outdoor or rugged applications where there’s a risk of water contact like in wash down environments, the National Electrical Manufactures Association rating system (NEMA) provides a guideline on what these devices are built to. The NEMA 4 rating provides water-resistant protection to the device and thus, it can be exposed to splashes of water and can be even hosed down. The NEMA standard is used primarily in the US while in Europe, they use the IP rating standard. Such compliance offers a lot of advantages in terms of rugged protection as well as flexibility and versatility of use.

It is outfitted with Intel processors for high performance even when deployed in demanding environments. These line of rugged panel PCs are also available with an optional touchscreen functionality. With its high resolutions, it delivers superior image quality. Other useful features with these products include wide operating temperature range, high brightness levels, and outdoor sunlight-readable capability.