Rugged AC SMARTStart

Rugged AC SMARTStart

Rugged AC SMARTStart

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AC Power Cycling & Sequencing

Rugged AC SMARTStart®

• Remote power cycling by means of SNMPv2, TCP/IP, telnet, or RS- 232 serial console port (Web is also an option)
• Monitors line voltage, circuit breaker status, and external temperature
• Monitors aggregate load draw for entire power strip (individual load monitoring possible)
• Outlets power up in user-defined sequence
• Cold and hot start set ups for use in climate controlled MEP Cases (Option) - Permits sealed mission case operation in harsh environments

"Optional" Rugged AC SMARTStart® Cold & Hot Start Set Up Feature

Incorporates a structured environmental power feature to enable a cool down or hot start mode depending on "ambient" temperature in the enclosure the PDU occupies.

If the temp, exceeds the preset Hot Start threshold, the PDU shall energize the cooling unit until the temp. drops below the threshold and margin. If the temp, is less than the preset cold start threshold, the PDU shal energize the heater until the temp, rises above the threshold and margin.
Input Characteristics
Voltage 120VAC Nominal, 132 Max.
Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Current 20A Maximum
Load Capacity 2.40 KVA
Overload Protection 1x 1P/20A UL489 Circuit Breaker
Power Cord 12' Material: SOOW,10/3-600V
Connector 5-20P
Output Characteristics
Voltage 120VAC
Current 20A Total Combined Load
Outlets 8X(5-20R),12A Max Per Outlet
Mechanical Characteristics
Material CRS
Finish Powder Coated,Black
Lettering Silk-Screen,White
Storage Temp. -40°C to 60°C
Operating Environment
Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (Non-Condensing)
Elevation 0 to 10,000FT (0 to 3000 m)
Surge Protection
Line To Neutral
Line To Ground
Max. Surge Current 10k amps 8/20 s pulse
Max. Energy 100 Joules
Max. Clamping Voltage 340 Volts 8/20 s @ 100 Amps
Network Interface
Connector MIL-C-26482 (Shell Sz. 18, Box Mnt)
Jack RJ-45
Standard IEEE 802.3
Data Rate 10/100 mbps (Auto-Sense)
Physical Layer 10/100 Base-T
Network Functions Telnet, SNMP
PDU Functions
Temperature Monitoring
Aggregrate Voltage and Current Monitoring
Outlet Sequencing
Outlet 1-8 User Controlled
Hour Useage Meter