Reasons to Use Video Wall Systems


by iTech Company


Whether you want to boost your business’ branding or provide marketing information to your targeted audience, a video wall system is an excellent way to do these. This technology offers an integrated solution which is composed of high-resolution displays driven by a powerful processing and computing system called a video wall controller. It is a setup of multiple screens which are tiled together to create a single and large display surface. There are a number of reasons why businesses and organizations are into this form of delivering information. Some of the benefits of this technology include excellent visual performance, flexibility, and interactivity that you won’t find in other basic solutions.


Excellent visual performance

Since a video wall comprised of a tiled array of displays, it can have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions as compared to a single display or projector. Also, a video wall system is facilitated by an external video wall controller for image and video processing. With that, it has more powerful processing hardware than the processors that are built into individual displays. As a result, it delivers fluid visual performance and display large amounts of high-resolution content. It is also less susceptible to being washed out by high ambient lightings as it provides far more brightness and better contrast ratios than a front projector. It also maintain consistent brightness regardless of the screen size.


Offers more flexibility

Video walls also offer more flexibility for a wide range of applications. In terms of the size and shape, there are several choices available. Depending on the type of display and mounting system of the device, it can be wall-mounted, non-rectangular, free-standing, curved, and even three-dimensional. These devices can be small enough to be portable or scaled to massive dimensions.


Interactive application

With the availability of several touch screen technologies nowadays, you can also transform a video wall into a multi-touch surface for a unique interactive application. With this, you will be able to engage your customers and staff with your interactive content.


Supports various formats

With its video wall processor, this system can capture signals in different resolutions and formats from different devices such as cameras and computers, among others. These content sources can then be accessed on a single platform and displayed together on the video wall. The controller also enables all of the individual display tiles to work together as a single canvas. These devices have a feature-rich software interface which can provide a range of tools for managing and manipulating content on the displays such as arranging, scaling, zooming, cropping, and layering the content.


Reliable solution

Most video wall systems are built from professional-grade components, while some are specifically designed for 24/7 operation and mission-critical environments. It has a minimal maintenance too. Take note that these devices are designed for maximum reliability and uptime, and mostly have no consumable parts and require virtually no maintenance over years of operation.


Video wall system solutions lets you deliver a particular message across, whether it is for advertising, selling or information display. While it is traditionally used in command and control applications, it is now increasingly being utilized in corporate and retail applications. At iTech Company, we offer a range of these solutions which are available in a wide range of features to deliver high impact displays. Aside from the functionality, our products are also designed for rugged and continuous operations, ensuring its longevity without compromising performance.