RAM Mount


With several electronic devices that need to be mounted and require an easy-adjustment, RAM mounting systems offer such solutions. At iTech Company, we offer a range of these products for various electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and compact PCs. Our mounting devices have an effective design and simple to install, yet does compromise the aesthetics part. See these various mounting solutions below.


Typically, a RAM mount uses a ball which is fixed on one side and a ball-holder assembly on the device plus an arm that connects these two balls. The connecting arm has a socket on each end with a clamping mechanism to secure tightly the balls. Such design provides an effective pivot points which can be pivoted in any direction, allowing your device to be put at the correct angle, height and left to right position for best visibility and convenience.

These are made of high-grade aluminium for a top notch quality which is ideal for rugged applications. It makes use of a rubber ball and socket technology that allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. There are also some product models that are intended for mounting heavy devices such as monitors and flat screen electronics. These are heavy-duty products which include a universal base piece and features a hole pattern that complies with VESA standards.

Meanwhile, there are also a wide range of suction cups to choose from for an incredible holding power and convenient ways to mount portable electronics. These mounting systems allows the freedom to use and move your electronic device for optimum access, viewing, and safety.

All in all, we combine high quality and effective mounting system into these products to provide the best possible performance for most any application. Contact us for more information about our line of LCD mounting solutions.