Notebook/Trackball Keyboard


iTech Company offers a range of rackmount trackball keyboard solutions which are available in various configurations. Either for use in military, industrial and commercial applications, these devices are specifically designed to suit the rigors of such challenging settings. By integrating a number of essential features and high-grade quality, these products offer an indispensable complement to various human-machine interface applications. See these products below.


A rackmount keyboard is ideal for use in environments that need to minimize the use of space and access to hardware. These products compose of a keyboard and mouse or trackball and housed in an industrial-strength steel frame. The shelf can be mounted within a rack or cabinet which slides in an out on heavy duty ball bearings. It also comes with a combination USB, PS2 and SUN with multi-platform switch capability. These are 104-key keyboards with either touchpad or trackball. SUN Micro or MAC keyboard options are also available. It features a secure remote user access across the world wide web. For enhanced aesthetics, it has a moulded front handle and two point lock.

With its integrated KVM feature, it allows you to connect to multiple computers with just a single set of controls. Thus, you don’t need to have multiple monitors, keyboards and tracking devices to connect to a server which is the case in a 1-to-1 setting. KVM switches are available in various configurations including 4, 8 or 16 ports in USB or PS2 style. By combining the KVM switch and rackmount keyboard, you are able to save space significantly which also means lesser power consumption.