iTech's Rackmount LCD Keyboard to be Installed on NASA's Super 747 SOFIA

Rackmount LCD keyboard drawer NPW117HD-HDMI Native high resolution 1920 x 1200 Short Depth 22" Light Weight to be installed on this NASA's super 747

Source: CNN
NASA's super 747 SOFIA: The world's biggest flying observatory
iTech Company's short-depth and lightweight rackmount LCD keyboard drawer will be installed on the world's biggest flying observatory – the NASA's Super 747 SOFIA, which is a is a modified Boeing 747SP aircraft and being used for astronomical science missions. It is a cutting-edge laboratory conducted by scientists at NASA Centers, as well as from universities and colleges across the US. With its ability to return to Earth after each flight, there's always an opportunity for upgrading and installing new science instruments and other essential equipment on this aircraft. One of these equipment is a rackmount LCD keyboard drawer which is one of the products of iTech Company, one of the leading suppliers of industrial LCD monitors and rugged computers in the country.

About NASA's Super 747 SOFIA
NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is the world's largest airborne astronomical observatory. The aircraft is a Boeing 747SP and was originally built to carry passengers on ultra-long haul routes. Now, it carries an infrared astronomy laboratory and flying infrared telescope. Featuring a German-built far-infrared telescope with an effective diameter of 100-inches (2.5 meters), it is being used to observe light in the infrared spectrum that's not visible to the naked eye. The telescope weighs 19 tons (38,000 lbs) and is mounted in the rear fuselage of the aircraft.

According to the SOFIA's team, they study infrared light sources that have never been studied before. While the light you see reveals only part of the universe, these astronomers are also observing many other types of light in order to expand our views of the universe. With its ability to fly at altitudes of between 39,000 to 45,000 feet and above 99 percent of the water vapor in the atmosphere, SOFIA can provide data that can't be picked up by any other telescope on the ground or in space.

Meanwhile, SOFIA is a true multi-use observatory with instruments consisting of cameras, spectrometers, and photometers. These instruments also operate at different infrared wavelengths while some are dedicated to studying specific astronomical science phenomena. One of the equipment to be installed on SOFIA is a short-depth 22" lightweight rackmount LCD keyboard drawer which is expected to deliver a reliable performance to help the astronomers achieve their overall mission.


Features of Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawer NPW117HD-HDMI
The rackmount LCD keyboard drawer NPW117HD-HDMI, which is one of the products of iTech Company offers a 17" widescreen LCD drawer design. It has a 1920x1200 native WUXGA ultra high resolution and comes with 1U form factor with a short depth design of 550 mm (21.67 in) only. It also supports full HD with 1080p resolution and PIP & Picture by Picture viewing efficiency. This monitor utilizes a green LED-backlit panel technology to deliver enhanced picture clarity and sharp displays.

This rackmount LCD is made of high quality components which are best suited for industrial and commercial applications. It can be easily installed into industry standard rack cabinets for a compact and space-saving solution. With its 8-bit color capacity, it provides superior viewing experience. Moreover, it has enhanced aesthetics with moulded front panel and two point lock, preventing unauthorized console access. There are a number of optional features available with this product including a 3G, HD, and SD-SDI Broadcast-grade input; capacitive and resistive touchscreen functionality; and HDMI or Audio input.

With the features of iTech Company's rackmount LCD keyboard drawer, it definitely provides an effective and efficient hardware and systems solutions for NASA's Super 747 SOFIA. With its durability and ability to deliver best-in-class HD video, among other features, there is not that this aircraft rugged rackmount LCD can provide reliable information in real-time on a single screen during a critical mission such as the world's biggest flying observatory - the NASA's Super 747 SOFIA.