Trouble Shooting Question and Answer for Rackmount LCD

Below is a listing of commonly asked Rackmount LCD KVM Keyboard questions and answers and basic troubleshooting steps for LCD, Keyboards and KVM. Keep in mind that this is just a select few of our thousands of questions and answers in our database. If you're encountering a more specific issue, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-483-2418 # 3 for Support

1. What is the Serial Number?

2. If the problem is related to the video on the unit:

  • Power cycle (Turn the unit off, wait for about 1-2 minutes, and turn the unit back on) the unit.
  • Double check the cables to the unit.  If they have other cables, to try replacing the cables.
  • Check the computer resolution and refresh rate.  Try to reduce the resolution to 800x600@60Hz.
  • Check if they can bring up the OSD menu by pressing the “menu” buttons on the side of the LCD. if you see the OSD Menu means the LCD Backlight is on, but no Video Signal. 
  • Can they see if the unit is completely dead or the backlight on.  What is the status of the LED by the monitor (is it dark, green, orange, red, yellow?) 
  • See here for LCD OSD Menu 

3. If the problem is artifacts on the screen.

  • Check for nearby interference.  Are there nearby high voltage power lines, nearby radio or TV stations, or have large industrial machines nearby.
  • Lower the resolution on the computer, or get a shielded video cable to the unit.
  • Try operating the unit in a different location.
  • If there are possible dirty AC power (e.g. have heavy machinery nearby), then we suggest try using a AC noise filter between the unit and AC power.

4. If the problem is power related:

  • Check on the AC adapter attached to the unit.  Are you using the included power supply?
  • Is the LED on the power supply green, dark or blinking.
    • Blinking LED indicates a short.  If using their own power supply, then they need to check the current rating on the AC adapter.
    • Dark or off LED (for AC adapters with LEDs) indicate that there is no power to the unit or there is no utility power. Plug another device to the wall outlet to check if there is power on the outlet.  If there is power on the outlet side, then the AC adapter is most likely the problem.  Get another AC adapter.
    • Solid green (for AC adapters with LEDs) indicate good power.  If this is the case, then the problem is from the unit.
  • If there are possible dirty AC power (e.g. have heavy machinery nearby), then suggest that they try using a AC noise filter between the unit and AC power.

5. If the problem is with the keyboard or mouse.

  • For PS2 type connections, they will need to power cycle (turn the computer off & on) the computer.  PS2 connections can die sometimes.
  • If there are certain keys on the keyboard that is not working (e.g. the keyboard works, but the “L” key does not register).  This is not something can fix themselves, and will have to send back for a keyboard replacement.
  • If the problem is with the mouse.  Is it the entire mouse/touchpad that is not working, or only one aspect?

6. If there is a KVM attached and problem is KVM related

  • Can the customer bring up the KVM menu (scroll lock + scroll lock + space bar)
  • Are all the ports not working or only certain ports?
  • Did they power cycle the unit?
  • Click here for KVM PS/2 Menu