Trouble Shooting Question and Answer for Outdoor LCD

Below is a listing of commonly asked Outdoor LCD questions and answers and basic troubleshooting steps for LCD, Keyboards and KVM. Keep in mind that this is just a select few of our thousands of questions and answers in our database. If you're encountering a more specific issue, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-483-2418 # 3 for Support

1. What is the Serial Number?

2. Operating Environment?  (Location, ambient temperature and humidity)

3. Is the unit facing the sun, or at any time, where sunlight will shine directly at the unit?

4. What is the compass direction the unit is facing (e.g. Screen is facing North, etc…)

5. General Things to try

  • Did you try power cycling (turn the unit off, wait 1-2 minutes, and turn back on) the unit?
    • If that resolved or fix the problem then the problem is probably just a firmware crash.
    • If that did not fix the problem, then move to the next step.
  • Is there power to the unit (LED lights, backlight etc…)?
    • If the unit appears completely dead, such as there is no power at all, either to the LED lights or to the screen backlight, then it can be a power issue.  Check for power problems more thoroughly.
    • If there is a RED blinking light, it is normally a thermal problem.  Check for heat related issues.
    • If the unit is orange, it is in sleep mode.  Check the unit and see if the video input source matches what is selected.  Press the ”Source” button on the remote and navigate “Up/Down” until the correct source is selected.  Press the “Right Arrow” to select the highlighted source.
    • If the unit is solid green, then the unit is supposed to be on.  Again, check the input source (see above).  If using a computer, check if the screen saver or sleep mode kicked in.  If so, get the computer back to an active state.
  • Tried other video cables or inputs?
    • First, if you have another of the same type of cable, try swapping the video cable o the unit.
    • If the problem sill persists, and you have other video sources (e.g. S-Video/Composite/VGA/HDMI), can those inputs also. See above for changing the video source.
    • If the problem goes away on the other video sources, then the problem is either the video cable of the connector on the video board of media player side.
    • If the problem persists even on the other video input sources, then the problem is either with the LCD panel or the AD board.
  • Tried on another electrical outlet or power cord?
    • If another power cord or electrical outlet resolved the problem, then the problem is most likely with the electrical outlet or power cord.
    • If the problem still persists, then move on to next step.
  • Tried the unit in another location?
    • This is to try to isolate if the problem is because of the environment.
    • If the problem is fixed, then the issue is most likely because of the operating location.  It can be interference, heat, dust of other issues with the environment.
  • Tried different resolution and refresh (if on PC)?
    • This is to isolate if the problem is because the PC is setted to a resolution that is not support

6. For heat related issues and unit have air conditioning

  • Did you provide enough are for air circulation?
    • Subjective answer – Need to nail down the details from the customer.
  • How much space did you leave for air circulation?
    • Ask for distance to wall or other objects on the back and on the side.
    • If back space is less than 6 inches, or there are baffles or obstructions on the side.  Then the problem is that
  • Do you have anything to aid in the air circulation?  (e.g. external fans, additional air conditioners, ducting of the air, etc…)
  • What is the degree of tilt of the unit?
  • Was the unit tipped before, and if so, did you wait for the AC to settle 12 hours before turning it back on.
  • Can you feel the air on the back?
  • Does the exhaust air feel warmer then the intake air?
  • Can you make some temperature measurements around the unit?  (The front screen, the intake and exhaust air, the ambient temperature, etc…)

7. For heat related issues and unit have cooling fans.

  • Did you provide enough are for air circulation?
  • How much space did you leave for air circulation?
  • Do you have anything to aid in the air circulation?  (e.g. external fans, additional air conditioners, ducting of the air, etc…)

8. If the problem is power (unit going on/off)

  • What is the status LEDs doing?  (What is the color, and are they blinking, and what color and frequency)
  • Is the power in the area clean?  (e.g. are you running it off generator power, or there is heavy machinery)
  • For units with auto on, is the video source signal stable?  (Check cable, and computer sleep/power savings settings)
  • Is unit hot (temperature)?  [If so, see heat issues]

9. If the problem is video image quality.

  • If the problem with the video image is black clouds.  This is a heat problem and not video image.  [See heat problem above]
  • If the problem is perfectly round black circles.  This is air getting into the LCD panel, and is damage on the LCD screen. [Will need to replace LCD screen]
  • If the problem appears to be debris or mineral deposits inside the LCD screen, this is a seal problem [See Sealing Problem]
  • Did you try setting the computer to a different resolution & refresh rate?
  • Did you adjust the image settings on the LCD OSD menu?
  • Did you try using different input source or video cables?  (What is the length, and type of cabling used?)
  • If you have another unit, can you swap the computers to the other unit?  Did the problem follow the display (LCD), or follow the computer/media player?

10. For sealed units (e.g. IP65, marine grade etc…), and problem with the seal.

  • Did you break the seal recently?  Was it approved by I-Tech?
  • Did you put it in an environment that is more harsh then what is the unit designed for?  (e.g. submerging the unit in water for IP65)
  • Some units have a different IP rating for the front and back, as was that observed in the installation?  (e.g. some units have a IP65 front, but a IP54 back)
  • Was there rain, or the unit subjected to water recently?
  • Was the unit opened recently?
  • Can you check the seals (gaskets, silicon strips, etc…) and see if there appears to be any breaks on the seal.