Portrait Kiosk Enclosure


iTech’s Portrait Kiosk Enclosures provides more versatility for your digital signage kiosk. It is designed to support ultra-thin or thicker commercial displays. While it accentuates the sleek looks of the flat panel display, it also provides enough space to integrate a media player, interactive touch system, camera, and other peripherals to create a complete interactive kiosk experience. Whether you’ll use for advertising, wayfinding, or a digital directory, it can definitely make an impact with your audience. These enclosures can fit from 40” to 55” displays, with up to a 4" thickness. 

These kiosk enclosures are VESA-compatible for flexible installation of the device. For a flush alignment, its eight-way tool-less adjustment can quickly position such display in kiosk window. It has also a secured front and back doors which allow convenient access to the display, media player and its other internal components. There’s a wide range of aesthetic options that you can choose from, for easy execution of any advertising or branding strategy. This includes multiple colors, vinyl wraps, etc. to match the environment or promote a particular brand strategy.

Meanwhile, these products are available as a stand-alone kiosk enclosure or fully integrated with display, media player, power and thermal management, and other features. Moreover, these are pre-assembled to simplify the installation of the entire solution.

Whether you’ll deploy our kiosk enclosures in a corporate environment, college campus, hospital, retail store, or shopping, it provide maximum protection to your digital signage device without compromising the aesthetic design. In this way, you are able to catch the attention of your intended audience and provide them with a new level of interactive experience.