Portrait Back-to-Back Kiosk Enclosure


iTech Company’s range of Portrait Back-to-Back Kiosk Enclosure offers a versatile digital signage kiosk, which is designed to support 40", 42”, 46”, 47”, and 55” ultra-thin displays and up to 1.83" thick. It highlights the sleek looks of the display while maintaining an ample space for other peripherals such as media player, interactive touch system, or camera for a complete interactive kiosk experience. See each of the products below as well as their specifications.

With these enclosures, you can set up two ultra-thin displays back-to-back while making a statement with your advertising content. It features an 8-way micro adjustment for a quick vertical, horizontal and depth adjustment of the display. For safety and security, it has a flat base that enables it to be installed as free standing or bolted to the floor. It has also a secure barrel locks in order to prevent unintended access to the inside of the kiosk.

There are also a number of aesthetic options that you can avail for easy execution of any advertising or branding strategy. These include multiple colors and vinyl wraps, among others to best match the environment or promote a particular brand. It is equipped with secured doors for a convenient access to the display, media player and other internal components and for easy installation and maintenance as well. Meanwhile it is also VESA-compatible for flexible installation of the device.

Our range of this type of kiosk enclosures provides a great way to deploy your digital signage systems without compromising aesthetics and functionality. Remember that when selling a product or service, image is everything. Otherwise, your marketing campaign can be left dead in the water. Avail of these enclosures now for an effective marketing campaign. Contact us for more info.