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Thank you for your interest in our Outdoor LCD Products. My name is Alan and I am a Sales Engineer for Outdoor LCD Solutions . My goal is to help you determine the most suitable product for your specific needs.

In order to accomplish that, I would deeply appreciate if you could take the time to help me answer the following questions:

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LCD Requirements:
1. Is this Outdoor LCD installed under Direct Sunlight (Facing East/West) or Shaded Area?
Shaded Area
2. Is this LCD installed behind window display facing sunlight?
3. Will this be Wall Mount or Stand Alone (New or Existing Structure, if new do you need our Kiosk Stand?
4. Will you need integrated PC, Video CAT5 Extender or TouchScreen?
CAT5 Extender Touch Screen
5. Will this outdoor LCD be new installed or integrated into existing sign?
Integrated into existing sign
6. What is the temperature range?
7. What Outdoor LCD Size? 32", 46", 55", 70"? (If larger than 70" will you cosider Video wall 4 x 46" = 102")
55" 70"
(If larger than 70" will you cosider Video wall 4 x 46" = 102")
8. Landscape or Portrait Mode?
9. How many units are you looking for (Quantity)?
10. When and Where are you planning to install these screens?
11. Are you reseller or end-user?
End User
12. Do you need Media player for content?

13. What is the application/How are going to use this screen?

14. Will you be interested in Monthly Fee for Maintenance Agreement?

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