42" Outdoor All Weather LCD with Air Conditioning

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  • Water Tight Enclosure
  • 1366x768 Max Resolution
  • Brightness 600 Nits
  • Free Standing Pedestal Design
  • 6mm Anti Glare Protective Lens
  • All Aluminum Welded Construction
  • Sleek Ergonomic Design
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Nema 4 Electronics Storage Base for Player and Audio Amplifier
  • Can be bolted into place or mounted to a base plate

Outdoor LCD AOD4200 series is a Free Standing Pedestal designed to be placed without having a wall or overhead structure to mount into.

As an indoor application it can be used as a Digital Sign, Public Information Portal or Entertainment Center.

The imagination goes wild with possible applications as an Outdoor Panel : At the Hotel pool side hotel for guest services, At the football or baseball stadium for added information portals, At a theme park for interactive portals, At the entrance to movie theaters for trailers as interactive surveys, At the front of your office building for interactive menus At your restaurant to excite your customers about the menu, At the carwash to entertain people as they wait for their cars. The possibility of this format is endless and the added benefit of Interactive Touch makes this pedestal a must have for your next project.

Base Models are: 

  • AOD4200.AD (Basic Shade Unit, Air Gap, 32-100F Ambiant Operating Temp) 
  • AOD4200.BD (Enhanced Daylight Readability, 32-100F Ambiant Operating Temp) 
  • AOD4200.CxD (Solar Enhanced Lens(SEL) and Environmental Controls for all weather usage**, 32-125F and 0-125F Ambiant Operating Temp)


  • Optional Full HD Panel/Controller 1920x1080
  • Optional IR Touch
  • Optional Optical Bonded Lens (Enhanced Daylight Readability)
  • Optional Solar Enhanced Lens (Protects LCD in direct sunlight)
  • Optional ECU (Environmental Control Unit (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 See ECU Data Sheet)
  • Standard DVI Connection (Optional VGA and SDI Inputs)
  • Optional Integrated Pole and Wall Mount System
  • Optional Integrated Speaker System
Data Sheet