MPG Standalone Digital Signage Player (Model: CMP1000)

MPG Standalone Digital Signage Player (Model: CMP1000)
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MPG Standalone Digital Signage Player (Model: CMP1000)

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CMP1000 Media Playback System Overview

Perfect for digital sign and in-store media applications, the CMP1000 media playback system is a standalone unit capable of multiple audio/video outputs including MPG playback. The CMP1000 can load dynamic sign and in-store media playback from data accessed directly via Compact Flash card.

Packaged with a remote control for easy configuration and audio/video playback, the CMP1000 auto-detects NTSC (default)/PAL systems for flexible media playback. External (monitors and TVs) displays can broadcast the same digital signage/in-store media output through VGA/S-Video/BNC (video) and RCA (audio) connections. The unit's supported playback formats include:

MPG/Video playback: Supports MPG 1, MPG 2, and MPG 4(AVI) playback

Audio playback: Supports MP3 playback

Graphic displays: Supports JPEG for digital signs

Graphic and Audio: Supports slide show mode which enables you to play music with your images

Designed for the most secure media playback system possible, the CMP1000 allows for safe in-store media viewing in any public forum. Password-protected access and hardware security options prevent public tampering of MPG playback or configuration.

The CMP1000 stands out from bulky computer-based MPG playback units with its compact size and unique packaging for any in-store media needs. In addition, the unit streamlines digital signage/video playback costs without the need for software licenses through the latest solid-state technology. Capable of 24/7/365 use in a variety of environments, the CMP1000 is a low-maintenance, affordable, multi-format alternative to mechanical DVD and VCR units.



CMP1000 Stand-Alone MPG Playback System Features

  • Compatible with all 's existing media playback LCD monitors
  • Allows direct browsing of digital signage/in-store media content (JPEG photos, MPEG 4, MP3,MPG playback) via TV, PC monitor, or projector
  • Supports disk, folder, chapter, and one-file AUDIO/VIDEO playback (e.g. single MPG2 file)
  • Direct memory card file deletion
  • Zooming/rotation for still digital signs/photos
  • Auto slideshow or thumbnail browsing for still digital signs/photos
  • Adjustable volume via remote control/device interface





Maximum Video Playback Capacity

  • MPG 1 Est. Avg. Video Playback CBR @ 1.35Mbit/sec

256MB CF holds 25 minutes

512MB CF holds 50 minutes

1GB CF holds 98 minutes/1.63 hrs.

4GB CF holds 398 minutes/ 6.63 hrs

MPG 1 bit rate varies from 1.15Mbit/sec to 3Mbit/sec

  • MPG 2 Est. Avg. Video Playback CBR @4Mbit/sec

256MB CF holds 8.5 minutes

512MB CF holds 17 minutes

1GB CF holds 33 minutes

4GB CF holds 130 minutes

MPG 2 bit rate varies from 3Mbit/sec to 15Mbit/sec



Model Number



Display Mode

PAL/NTSC auto sense

Memory Card Slot

CF card - 4in1 (SD,XD,MMC and MS)

Video Output

15-pin D-Sub VGA, RCA composite, S-Video, BNC

Audio Output

Stereo Phone Jack

Power Consumption

Less than 10 Watts

File Format Supported


JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) - Support resolution up to 5120x3840 (output resolution is 640x480)


MP3 (.mp3) from 32k to 256K bps - PCM wave (.wav)


MPEG1 (.mpg, .dat) - MPEG2 (.mpg, .avi) - MPEG4 SP, ASP (.avi, .asf, .divx) - Motion-JPEG (.avi) - Video Output: NTSC 640x480 or PAL 720x576

Memory Card Supported

4 in 1

CF Card: up to 4GB

Mechanical and Environment

Operating Temperature

0[32]-60[140] °C[°F]


0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing

Dimensions (WxHxD)

158[6.22] x 82.8[3.26] x 28.9[1.14] mm[inch]

Net Weight



Video Playback Procedure

  • Prepare your digital signage/dynamic advertising files in one of the following formats: MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MP3, AVI or Motion MPEG
  • Transfer your files to your Compact Flash card or Micro Drive card via a USB-type card reader (not included).
  • Once the files are transferred to your memory card, insert the memory card into the slot of CMP1000 player.
  • Turn on the unit's power. Your digital signage/dynamic advertising data is now ready for display!


Package Includes
  • Remote Control

  • AC/DC Power Adapter

  • CMP1000 Media Playback System