Marine Panel PC 23" LCD

Here, we present our Marine Panel PC 23" LCD systems which satisfy the needs of vessels and other maritime applications. In order to ensure reliable and high-performing products, we comply withthe industry's strict guidelines and standards. We employ the latest high performance processors on these machines for a powerful computing power. These are also sealed and waterproof PC systems that are designed to withstand rugged conditions. Moreover, there are a number of options that you can avail which allows you to configure a more efficient device for your needs.

iTech Company's marine certified panel PCs are ideal solutions for applications on ships' bridges and control rooms. These are also great for naval navigation, communications and monitoring systems. It features a sleek and modularized mechanical design for a flexible product configuration and easy maintenance. Powered by Intel processors, it can handle heavy graphic computing which are required in marine applications and radar systems. It also features sunlight readability to ensure that the screen display is readable at all times even when used under direct sunlight. For operations in day and night, there's an automatic dimming functionality.

Because marine applications are exposed to various elements that can damage the device, this type of computer systems comply with IP66 rating standard for more protection against water, dust, chemicals, oil, and other contaminants. For interactive applications and ease of usage, a touchscreen feature is available. Moreover, it supports various I/O ports including COM, VGA, USB and LAN.

While we present our pre-designed marine panel PC systems, we are also open to discussing customize products to better suit the requirements of our clients. Contact us for more info of our products and services.