iTech Provides Industrial Automation Solutions LCD to One of US Largest Seafood Companies

iTech Company recently provided an industrial automation solution LCD to American Seafoods Company, one of US major players in the seafood industry. The project involves developing complete automation solutions which contain hardware design, panel building, programming, electrical installation and commissioning. iTech utilized one of their products, the rugged IP66/NEMA4X stainless steel LCD to complete the project.

About American Seafoods Company
American Seafoods Company is based in Seattle, Washington under the American Seafoods Group with the other operating company called American Marine Ingredients. It is considered as one of the largest seafood companies in North America. The company sustainably manages fisheries in US waters off Alaska and the Pacific Northwest in which it harvests, processes, distributes and markets various seafood products.

Currently, it operates six large catcher-processor vessels that harvest and process seafood products. Some of their well-known products include Alaska pollock, Pacific (whiting) hake, Yellowfin sole, and Pacific cod, which they sold throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Moreover, they are also considered as one of the largest harvesters of fish in the world.


What is an Industrial Automation Solution
As technology advances, we have witnessed that the digital and physical worlds are working hand in hand in industrial settings. Nowadays, factories commonly utilize computers and interconnected systems to improve their manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity. We call this as industrial automation in which control systems, including computers, robots, and information technologies are being used to handle various processes and machineries in an industry, replacing the need for manual labor.

Many of iTech Company’s products are ideal for these solutions as they are equipped with advanced features and rugged designs that can withstand harsh conditions which are common in industrial applications. One of such products is our 24” Rugged Completely Sealed IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel LCD, which was used to develop a complete automation solution for one of our clients, the American Seafoods Company.

Features of a Rugged Completely Sealed IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel LCD
This type of LCD monitor is ideal for Industrial Automation Solution with its rugged design and other features that can withstand demanding and extreme working and environmental conditions. It complies with NEMA4x and IP66 rating standards, which indicates that it is intended for use in harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants are very common. Its stainless and aluminum housing chassis also provides an extra protection from the daily rigorous usage and safeguards the internal components of the device from any possible high-impact situations or accidents.

It also features a wide range of brightness levels that you can choose from to specifically meet the requirements of your application, especially outdoors where direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions affects the readability of the display. These LCDs support high resolutions of up to1920 x 1080, delivering clear and sharp images. Various video inputs are being supported including DVI, DVI+HDMI, SVideo+AV, SVideo+AV+DVI, AV+Looping, DVI+AV+Looping, HD-SDI, and BNC(PAL/NTSC). Other optional features of this LCD monitor include the touchscreen functionality, LED backlighting, wide operating temperature, sunlight readability, motion sensor, light sensor, and auto-dimming.

With the combination of high quality and durable industrial display monitors, iTech Company offers one of the best Industrial Automation Solutions available. With several years of being in the industry, we understand the requirements and the applications of LCD displays in various industrial environments. We always ensure that our products deliver a reliable 24/7 operation in these challenging factory environments.