IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with (RGB Input)


iTech Company’s range of IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with RGB input are designed to resist various environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, and even moderate snowfall, among others. It has a standard analog RGB video input and a number of optional features including inputs for a touch screen and USB pass-through. These are available in monitor sizes ranging from 8.4” to 15”. See this line of LCD displays below.

These ruggedized flat panel displays are equipped with milled aluminium casing which is sealed to IP67/NEMA6 rating standard for protection from harsh weather and other challenging conditions. It also complies with the industry standard PC connection and IP68 anticorrosive metal sealed connectors. To ensure that the device is reliable enough and to prevent any system failure, it is protected against internal short circuit, load dump, over voltage and reverse polarity.

Meanwhile, it has an optional touchscreen functionality for user-friendly operation and for interactive applications as well. It integrates the latest optical engineering technology for optimum viewability in all lighting conditions, even under direct sunlight. It has also antireflective/antiglare surface treatments to deliver superior image quality. Other optional features include the Night Vision Goggle Filter, flush mount bezel, panel mount design, LED Backlight and internal heaters.

Our weatherproof LCD displays are suitable for applications where it will be exposed to hostile environments and various rugged conditions. These products have various useful features for more durability without compromising performance. For more info, contact us through our given phone number and email.