Installing Industrial Panel Mount PC for Bus Transport Services


by iTech Company | January 29, 2018


With so many people traveling in and out of cities for leisure or work purposes, public transportation is an important amenity in todayís time. Many people are continuously using buses despite having private vehicles. This is because buses let them save money and vehicle maintenance.


Due to the amount of people using buses, operations may get frenzied. To make things organised while catering to the needs of the passengers, technological advancements are being utilised in bus transport services. For example, relevant information to passengers such as bus schedule, routes, and traffic updates are being reflected on a digital signage display it or can be accessed via a rugged panel mount computer.


Despite the benefits of technology in public transportations, these devices can break down due to heavy use, climate conditions, and extreme temperature.


As an answer to this dilemma, industrial panel mount PCs were built to survive these harsh conditions. Many bus companies and institutions are using these rugged panel computers due to their durability.


How Bus Transportation Operators Benefit On Using Panel Mount PCs


Here are some of the benefits of using industrial-grade panel mount computers in bus operations:


Safety and convenience for passengers


Providing real time transit information to passengers means that they donít need to waste time waiting for their ride. Since there are many industries that require employees to work on late hours, being able to manage their time would mean that they have better safety and security.


24/7 operations


Ruggedised panel mount computers are made to survive heavy usage. This will give an assurance that operations are around the clock and passengers can operate this device 24/7.


Durability and resilience to climate conditions


Worried that the computing device will malfunction during an extreme climate? Industrial panel computers are built to withstand extreme conditions and are resistant to scratches, dust, dirt, and shock/vibrations. This will guarantee that the device will not malfunction under harsh environment.


Possible advancements of computing technology for bus transport services


Technological progress is rapid and industries are adopting them quickly. For bus transport services, there are many aspects of its operations where an industrial grade computing technology can be applied.


A possible advancement of applying computing technologies in bus transport operations is enhanced safety. Emergencies can be handled immediately if instructions are readily available on an industrial PC. The computer can quickly send out the location, damage and other vital data to an emergency central. Another possibility of using industrial panel computers is ease of communication between bus operators. In case there are too many passengers or if a problem occurs, extra buses can be coordinated with easily.


Today, industrial grade computing technologies are being preferred by the transportation sector since it can withstand shock, extreme vibrations, dust, moisture, and climate conditions which can damage a commercial-grade computer. These rugged panel computers can now allow computing technologies to be applied in many aspects of bus transport services.


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