Model: MTM-6060

6x6 MicroTiles® Wall Unit (Model: MTM-6060)

6x6 MicroTiles® Wall Unit (Model: MTM-6060)

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  • Tiles can be stored in cases attached to the mount for off-site set-ups
  • Can be pre-installed to mounts on the floor and then raised three or more at a time into the wall brackets
  • Hooks allow mounts to be placed quickly in the desired position
  • Various sized wall brackets are available to configure the array to the desired size
  • Floating wall brackets create flat and plumb surface to align tiles properly


This modular 6x6 mounting system configuration of Christie® MicroTiles® is the industry's quickest installation of multiple MicroTiles®. Floating wall plates, wall brackets, and multi-tile mounts make for a quick and easy installation. These features also ensure alignment and a level appearance with no need for time consuming fine-tune adjustments. The configuration consists of a wall mounting frame and 6 MTM-3000 mounting brackets.