Features and Benefits of a Waterproof LCD Monitor


by iTech Company


LCD technology is being widely used these days, either for commercial and industrial applications. However, there are some applications that need extra feature in order to make this technology fully functional under specific conditions. One of the most sough-after features is the waterproof quality, especially when deploying it outdoors or in any environment where it will be exposed to water. A waterproof LCD monitor is also common in marine and different industrial applications. It has a specific design and engineering in order to fully operate under whatever conditions it will be used.


Features of a Waterproof LCD Monitor

The materials used for the waterproof LCD monitor is of high quality as such device is typically designed for industrial purposes. For instance, an LCD Enclosure are usually made of heavy steel gauge which is more durable and enables it to withstand tough conditions. Also, the transparent material used for the screen has been improved over the years, making the display very clear without compromising its quality.


It has to be shockproof as well. As it commonly used in rugged applications, these devices are exposed to potential damage and accidents. For example, in military and naval applications, display failing is simply not an option as it could cause major operational problems and may even cost lives. That’s why it has to be ruggedly built.


In terms of waterproofing, there are various categories in which a particular LCD monitor can endure different conditions. We have the International Protection Rating System or IP code, which often referred to as Ingress Protection Codes. It is a standardisation system that governs the protection offered by electrical enclosures in order to indicate more accurate information about the device.


For example, an IP65 rating means that the device can fully operate without failure under substantial amounts of water like spray from the sea being thrown over it. The IP rating is a two digit-code. The first digit specify the protection from solids while the second digit indicates protection from liquids. The protection against liquids ranges from zero, where there’s no protection against liquids to number 8, where the enclosure is completely water tight and can be immersed without suffering leakage.


Meanwhile, waterproof monitor displays probably have a wide range of brightness and dimming options, especially when intended for outdoor used. With such feature, it can still be seen clearly under bright sunlight, and yet can be dimmed down at night. There are also some applications which requires a wide range of viewing angles so the operator can still see it especially if he is handling multiple monitors. All in all, the features of a waterproof LCD varies considerably based on the requirements of the application.


Benefits of a Waterproof LCD Display

Aside from the protection from unwanted debris and bad weather, a waterproof LCD monitor also has a protective shield from the effects of theft and vandalism. With the waterproof feature, there are several benefits that you can have from the device. Check out the following:


  • It protects the screen from various germs, particles and dust which can pose damage and harm to the system.

  • Your LCD and TV system will be protected from electrical surges.

  • As your LCD monitor is exposed to accidents and physical damage especially when it is deployed outdoors, a waterproof enclosure helps you to secure it as well as to reduce any impact which the device may face. Take note that repairing this device will cost a significant amount of money also.

  • The continuous use of weatherproof LCDs is very important as it helps to saves the cost that a user incurred in installation of hair condition or additional heaters that has been cater for the exceptional in different temperatures.

  • It ensures safety regardless of where you’re going to install it. As LCD enclosure is typically made of a hard and tough material, usually a steel.


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