Essential Features of Military LCD Displays for Mission-Critical Applications


by iTech Company


With the advancements in technology, the LCD display industry also came up with product designs that are specifically manufactured for military purposes. These military displays are equipped with high-grade components and designed to be strong enough to fully operate in the harshest conditions. With a combination of durability, reliability, and ability to operate optimally in extreme environments, military LCD displays are ideal for mission-critical applications whether it is airborne, ground mobile, and ship board deployments.


Here are the essential features of military LCD displays for mission-critical applications:


Wide operating temperatures

Military LCD monitors are capable of operating in a wider range of temperatures. It may range between -30 degree and 70 degree centigrade. It can also resist storage temperatures of -20 degree to 80 degree centigrade. With this, it has more protection against the risks of short circuit and high voltage. These devices are also capable of delivering uninterrupted performance even under humid conditions. You can also use such device at altitudes as high as 45,000ft without worrying about its performance.


IP rating standard compliance

Because military operations encounter different environmental settings, the equipment they used must also appropriately protected. For the LCD displays, compliance with the IP rating standards ensures that a particular electronic device has some level of protection splash of water, dust and other elements that can affect its optimal operation. Such protection enables these military rugged LCD monitors to withstand various conditions and delivers superior performance whether it is wet, dusty, rugged, and humid environments. Meanwhile, NEMA rating is also another standard which considers not only the protection against ingress of solid foreign objects and ingress of water but also other factors such as corrosion and construction details.


Sunlight readability

This feature of an LCD monitor enables it to deliver high quality of display even when used under direct sunlight or in any high ambient lighting conditions. With an enhanced high level of brightness, these devices significantly outperform other commercially available LCD displays that washout in sunlight conditions. Thus, with this feature, you don’t have to worry about the quality of display when used in outdoor applications.


Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)

Most of the LCD displays that are being used for military applications needed to be functional and usable in night conditions. With this, a Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) is being integrated into this type of LCDs. This enables our military personnel to utilize this technology and continue their operations effectively and efficiently even in night time. For instance, the aircrews are able to see night flight while it helps the military defense in their surveillance operations.


Touch screen feature

For ease of user interaction, touchscreen functionality can be an essential feature especially for mission-critical applications such as in military. This provides an electronic input device to the LCD monitor that the user can control with a single or multi-touch gestures. Instead of using a mouse or other peripherals, it enables the user to interact directly with what is being displayed on the screen. Moreover, it offers a compact design as it eliminates the need for other intermediate devices such as mouse and keyboard.


When it comes to military applications, we know that lives can be at stake. Military operations are also exposed to harsh and challenging conditions. With these, their equipment must adhere to the highest of standards and equipped with the most rugged technology. iTech Company’s military-grade LCD displays are especially designed for use in harsh environmental conditions and engineered to meet these military requirements. We also provide customize products to meet our client’s specifications. With these, we are offering our military troops only the best and that means the most durable equipment.