24" Wide ESPMW Series Stainless Steel LCD Monitor

iTech Company's 24" Wide ESPMW Series Stainless Steel LCD Monitor displays features a rugged enclosure which is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. With its IP65-rated front bezel, it is ideal for deployments in harsh environments and where hygiene is important. See the features of these products below.

This line of LCD monitors deliver high resolutions and high contrast ratios for optimum viewing experience. These are also available with optional touch screen functionality for interactive applications, which are available as resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR and projective capacitive. With its on-screen display functions, users are able to adjust images with ease. Meanwhile, an auto power on feature is available where the LCD always turns on whenever there is a power, eliminating the need to manually turn on the device. It also included side OSD buttons which prevent unnecessary setting changes of the display.

For more flexibility in installation, it comes standard with VESA mounting patterns and can be deployed on wall and panel mounting applications. It also features a wide range of operating temperature to withstand various settings. This type of monitor has an IP65-rated front bezel, which provides more protection against water and dust.While it mainly supports the standard VGA input, there are also optional supports other I/O ports including DVI, HDMI, AV, BNC, AV looping and SDI. Another optional feature is an RS232 Remote Control Protocol in order to set the system.

iTech Company's range of stainless steel monitor LCDs offer a reliable, durable, and high-performing solutions which can simplify a wide range of applications. These devices are designed to endure challenging environments as well. However, we also provide custom designed solutions with specific requirements of our clients. Contact us for more info regarding our products or if you want to discuss a customize product.