Embedded Computing

When it comes to embedded computing supplies, iTech Company is your number one online resource. Whether you are looking for an embedded single board computer or an embedded industrial Panel PC with touch screen features, we got you covered.We also offer various types of rackmount chassis to house your equipment, ranging from 1U to 4U sizes. Browse our list of products below and see which one suits your requirements.

Embedded computers are being used by various industries nowadays. It provides a high-performance computing power that can be integrated easily into an existing device. Examples of the applications of embedded computers are the pipe line monitoring in the oil and gas industry, navigation equipment on military operations, and CPU behind digital signage solutions, among others.This type of computers which barely resemble the commonly used desktop PCs is basically any specialized system that performs a dedicated narrow range of functions as part of large systems.

We have a range of these products which are engineered to be rugged and perform in the harshest environments.These are available in various monitor sizes with optional touch screen functionality.These machines are powered by either Intel, AMD or VIA processors. Its aluminum enclosure with anti-corrosion treatment gives extra protection from any potential damage to the device. It complies to IP rating standards for dust and water-resistant protection. It is also shock proof and vibration-resistant. Of course, the quality of the display is never compromised as it delivers high resolutions. To ensure visibility especially in direct sunlight or high ambient light condition, there's an optional sunlight readability feature.

On the other hand, finding the best embedded computer requires a complete understanding of the application in which it will be used. At iTech Company, we offer a wide range of products that are suitable for several applications. We have put much of our attention on the reliability of our embedded products which are designed for performance-driven applications.

Aside from our line of embedded computing equipment, we also offer rackmount monitors, rackmount keyboard trays, server racks, server rack cabinets, KVM over IP, and many more. When you're looking for the latest embedded computer equipment, server storage devices, or rackmount LCD displays, we're sure to have what you need.We also provide customized solutions based on your specifications. Contact us now for more info of our products and services.