DPC136 Series

With several industries and businesses going for devices that are compact and palm-sized, there's also a growing need for advanced embedded computer systems. An embedded system is a specific computer program that combine the functions of specially-designed software and hardware. These are also encapsulated by the devices that they control to perform pre-defined tasks. Here, we have iTech Company's DPC136 Series of embedded controllers which offer a compact, robust and efficient platform. With its fanless, robust and durable construction, these devices provide a quiet and reliable operation with extended operating life. With these features, it offers low-cost yet elegant solution in robust packaging designed for flexibility in location and a variety of applications. Check out each of the products below and see which one best suits your application.

For high-performance computing and graphics capabilities, this series of embedded computer systems features the integration of high-performance and energy-efficient Intel processors into a compact enclosure. It provides an HDMI and a DVI-I port, as well as a VGA ports for high-quality video and optimal display experience. There's also an optional WLAN connectivity feature for a cable-free and space-saving applications.

Its fanless design with no internal moving parts of the devise, it extends the longevity of the product. These compact computer systems integrate major thin-client/server computing protocols such as Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP, and also web browsers. Moreover, it has a comprehensive remote device administration through server-based Device Manager software.

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