Digital Signage LCD HD Media Player


Our digital signage LCD HD media players offer a solution to handle high quality media such as video, graphics, and scrollable texts. It can be easily installed and comes with an easy-to-use network management software too. With these devices, you can manage your content the way you want with its high performance features and versatility. See the lists of our products below.

These LCD Digital Signage media players feature a rugged housing design for more durability with fanless design and compact PCB module. It delivers high quality digital and analog video output for superior displays. It also comes equipped with layout designer and background setting. As it supports direct connection to LCD, these products offer easy installation.

With its playback feature, it enables you to control your content such as digital video, graphics and text contents. Simply connect the media player to your existing screen and you are now ready to play content in a continuous loop. With its scheduling software, you can display various contents at different times of the day. You can also set your image display durations and transition effects. In terms of connectivity, it supports wireless LAN connection and you can also transfer all your content via Ethernet. There’s also the stereo audio function. Moreover, the IDE and USB ports are provided for optional content storage.

iTech Company’s digital signage players utilized commercial-grade components and are designed for constant usage. These are high-performance devices with durability features that can handle 24/7 operations. Contact us for more info or to request for a quote.