Flight System fully customizable aircraft and vehicle cockpit displays (Model: GAF1040)

Flight System fully customizable aircraft and vehicle cockpit displays (Model: GAF1040)

Flight System fully customizable aircraft and vehicle cockpit displays (Model: GAF1040)

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The avionics world consistently demands greater functionality and performance from cockpit electronics. This field i constantly evolving, and calls for technology that can keep pace. ITech’s intelligent 10.4" Multifunction Display System (MFDS) answers that call.
The MFDS uses interfaces that are both intuitive and proven, giving pilots access to crucial information quickly, efficiently and comfortably. The MFDS features system scalability, master-slave configurations with failover option, sunlight readability, NVIS goggle compatibility and an impressive array of airborne electronics interfaces.

Already known for years of innovation, ITech has combined its unparalleled experience with exhaustive research to make the MFDS the cutting edge electronics/feature set that outperforms the competition at every turn.




  1. 10.4" (diagonal) viewable area
  2. XGA display, 1024 x 768 pixels, capable of 16M colors
  3. Viewing Angle: ±85° Horizontal/±85° Vertical
  4. Can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation
  5. EMI shielding DO-160 sec. 20 & 21
  6. Heater for rapid low temperature startup


  1. All overlays optically bonded to increase readability
  2. Brightness: >700 cd/m˛
  3. Contrast: >7.0:1 under 1 OK FC ambient illumination
  4. NVIS Radiance: <2.0 nW/cm2/sr in accordance with RTCA DO-275
  5. NVIS White Error: <0.04 in accordance with DO-275
  6. Wide color gamut with deep reds for aircraft warnings

Sunlight Readability

  1. Optically bonded antirefective cover glass
  2. Specular Refectance: <0.3%
  3. Diffuse Refectance: <0.114%
  4. Exceeds Index of Discrimination for cockpit displays as specifed in ARINC 725


  1. Size (HxWxD): 11.25" x 8.25" x 8.00"
  2. Weight: <15 pounds


  1. Ruggedized design for maximum readability
  2. Finned rear enclosure for heat dissipation
  3. Wedge design for ease of installation and access
  4. Shock and vibration tested to DO-160 sec. 7 & 8


  1. Multiple running modes based on input power
  2. Dual 28V nominal input voltage with reverse protection, per DO-160D Cat Z
  3. Onboard uninterruptible power supply >400ms


  1. Operating Temperature: -45°-70° (includes display heater)
  2. Storage Temperature: -55°-85c
  3. Environmentally sealed to DO-160 sec. 10