2RU 4" LCD SDI & Composite Video PLUS SDI, AES/EBU & Analog Audio Monitoring (model: VAMP2-SDA)

2RU 4" LCD SDI & Composite Video PLUS SDI, AES/EBU & Analog Audio Monitoring (model: VAMP2-SDA)

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  • 4? Color LCD Video Screen - Autosensing NTSC/PAL
  • Self-Powered Speaker System
  • 53-Segment Tri-Color LED Level Meters showing Simultaneous VU & PPM
  • 2 SDI and 2 Composite Video Inputs
  • Converts SDI to Analog Composite Video Output
  • SDI to RGB/YUV Video Output
  • Deembeds any selected Audio Group from SDI to AES/EBU Digital and Analog Outputs
  • Convenient Front Panel SDI Audio Group Select Control
  • Two Pairs of 2 AES/EBU or two pairs of 4 Analog Audio Inputs
  • Internal or External Speaker Switch (No Amplifier Needed)
  • Headphone Jack (mutes speakers)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Requires only 2U of Rackspace
  • Analog-only versions also available - VAMP-24 & VAMP-1
? 2 SDI (video & embedded audio) inputs (select 1) on BNC connectors
? 2 Composite video inputs with termination switches (select 1) on BNC connectors
? 4 AES/EBU digital audio inputs on BNCs with termination switches (unbalanced) and DB25 (balanced). Select 1 of 2 groups of 2.
? 8 analog audio inputs on a DB25 connector (select 1 group of 4)
? 1 reclocked SDI output of selected SDI input on a BNC connector
? 2 loop-through composite video outputs on BNC connectors
? 2 AES/EBU digital audio outputs from selected SDI group on a DB-25 connector (balanced) and HD15 connector (unbalanced)
? 4 analog outputs from either selected SDI group or selected AES/EBU digital audio group on a DB25 connector
? 2 analog audio outputs from 2 selected channels from SDI, AES/EBU digital or analog audio inputs on XLR connectors
? Left and right external speaker outputs on 5-way binding posts

VAMP2-SDA offers the ability to monitor both audio and video from two selectable SDI digital and two composite analog video sources in a space-saving 2U unit. A pair of auxiliary AES inputs and eight analog audio inputs are also included for applications that don't use embedded audio.

The built-in color LCD screen allows confidence monitoring of video from either the SDI input or composite analog video inputs. Also included is a composite video monitor output from the selected SDI source for use with larger, external video monitors.

The analog audio section features four channels and level meters; any of the four channels may be selected independently and sent to the two channel speaker system, headphone output, and phase indicator. The VAMP2-SDA is capable of independent monitoring of each audio track and is a useful tool for converting and demuxing digital signals.

VAMP2-SDA is ideal for broadcast facilities needing confidence-level audio/video monitoring where operator-convenient rackspace is at a premium.

General Specifications
Magnetic Shielding < 0.8 Gauss any adjacent surface
Chassis Type 2U, 19" rack mounting
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.5" x 19" x 8"
Weight 12 lbs. (5.5 kg)
Power Consumption (avg. max.) 60 W
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz universal
input CE and UL approved internal power supply
Audio Specifications
Peak acoustic output 97 dB SPL (@ 2 ft.)
Electrical Response 20Hz - 20kHz ± 1dB
Speaker AMP power output 20 W transient / 11 W cont RMS each side (4 ohm)
Acoustic Frequency Response, 1/6th octave 170 Hz - 16 kHz (±5 dB) (-10dB @ 140Hz, 20kHz)
Distortion, Electrical < 0.15% at any level below input threshold
Distortion, Acoustic Typically less than 1.5% at frequencies above 200 Hz; 6% or less at worst case
Hum & Noise More than 70 dB below full output
Video Specifications
Screen size 5.8"
Screen Type active matrix TFT
Display modes NTSC/PAL autosensing
Aspect ratio 4:3
LCD active area 82.1 x 61.8mm
Picture controls brightness, chroma, tint & contrast
Resolution (dots x lines) 480 x 234
Dot pitch 0.171 x 0.264mm
Color configuration RGB stripe
Viewing angle Top = 10°, Bottom = 30°,
Left = 45°, Right = 45°
Contrast ratio 150 (typ.)
Brightness 250 NITs (cd/m^2)
LCD lamp life 15,000 hours (avg.)