Benefits of Rugged Portable Computers for Businesses


by iTech Company


Today, almost any business needs a computer to accomplish tasks while some can’t even operate without it. It is one of the essential technologies being used these days to help improve efficiency and provides accuracy in various areas of business. Whether recording daily sales transactions, automating industrial machineries or handling an inventory in a warehouse, computers can be at the center of these operations. However, there are various types of computers with different features that meet the varying requirements of businesses. One of these is the rugged portable computer machines. While this type of computers have several applications, it is also widely used in the business sector to accomplish various tasks.


As the computer industry attempted to minimize the size of personal computers, the resulting product was the portable computer. As you expect that such device will be carried anywhere, it features a rugged design for protection against any circumstance. It has a chassis made of heavy gauge steel for ruggedness and corrosion resistance. It has also an aluminium case with rubber bumpers to tolerate extreme field conditions. These machines can also tolerate strong shocks and vibrations, extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.


Meanwhile, it offers efficiency and reliability as it enables you to carry out information and allows communication between parties when use in the field. For mobility, it has a handle so that it can be carried like a briefcase. Typically, this type of computers are made out of an ABS plastic shell with multiple platforms. It can support Micro ATX, ATX, and Mini ITX. It also features a multi-slot and multi-drive bay design which can deliver high efficiency and performance.


Here are some benefits of rugged portable computers for businesses.


Powerful computing machine that you can use anywhere and anytime
This type of computer offers mobility without compromising performance. Unlike laptops and smartphones which have delimiting features such as low battery backup and small storage space, rugged portable computers have overcome these issues. This type of computers can have the powerful computing capability and other features of any other PC, offering complete solutions to all business applications. These mobile PCs can be equipped with the right tools for businesses to achieve efficient results. Its lightweight, handy and durable features help achieve business goals with fluid mobility to remain competitive in the market.


This is the main feature that separates this type of computers from other devices. With its mobility feature, it means that you can utilize its features anywhere. These lightweight transferable PCs can be integrated with high network capabilities and huge data storage, giving them more functionality while having that mobility feature. There are still other range of features that can be equipped on these movable computers in order to meet the different business needs. For instance, those in the logistics and transportation industries might need an industrial portable PC with features like EVDO, GPS connectivity, EDGE, and WiFi to accomplish various tasks efficiently.


Rugged design
Buying computers for industrial or business use could be a big investment. That’s why buyers want a device that they know will last for longer period of usage while delivering high performance. Rugged portable computers are designed to operate in different harsh conditions. As it is portable and can be carried anywhere easily, it has an added protection that other type of computers don’t have. Whether it is a daily rugged use, extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and other unexpected instances that can damage the device, it is well protected from these while rest assured that it operates reliably under any condition.


Now that you are already aware of the various benefits of rugged portable computers for businesses, your next step is to look for a reliable supplier that provides high quality products. One of these suppliers is iTech Company which has been around in this industry for a number of years. With their innovative solutions, they continue to provide various clients worldwide with high quality industrial computers and LCD monitors that are equipped with state-of-the-art features.