Medical All-in-one LCD PC


Our line of medical all-in-one LCD PC systems are tested and certified to meet various medical standards, making it safe and ideal for use in critical care environments. Equipped with the essential features for medical applications, these are designed for the nonstop demand of the health care environment. We also ensure that our products emphasize the patient’s safety and hygiene. The monitor sizes of these medical computers are available in 15”, 17. 19”, and 21.5”- 22”. Browse each of the products below and see their corresponding features.

iTech Company’s range of medical PC systems integrate the latest technology in the healthcare industry as well as complies with the highest standards of medical safety. It features an ultra-slim design for easier mounting on any medical device, like CT, CR and medical cart. It is also guaranteed to deliver noise-free performance with its fanless design. Such quiet operation is important when used as a medical information terminal beside patients.

Another essential feature is its reliable touch screen which is very useful when being used as a recording terminal and for easier medical order entry. This type of computers has a dustproof and waterproof front panel, which comply with the IP rating standards. For easy cleaning and hygienic purposes, its front bezel also has a paint-coating-free and anti-microbial finish.

Moreover, it also integrates a reliable network connection with its LAN connectors and wireless network connections for real-time medical record processing. A number of optional features are also available such as barcode scanner, and MSR, SCR, NFC and RFID module.

iTech Company also offers custom-design products based on the client’s requirements. Simply contact us if you want to discuss about this and for more info about our products.