Outdoor high brightness Air Bonding vs. Direct BondingPanel Mount LCD

LCD Displays: Air Bonding vs. Direct Bonding

Glass air bonding : Use double-sided adhesive bonding the Glass and LCD Panel.
Glass optical bonding : Use OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive ) or OCR(Optically Clear Resin) bonding the Glass and LCD Panel.

Our industrial grade outdoor Panel Mount LCD computers have features that make it ideal to install in varied conditions. And, when installing LCD devices for outdoor use, it is important that the items on screen are clearly visible.

In fact, our screens have a high bright display of 1500 nits. This allows the operator to clearly see the on screen display despite the sun glare. This is because the direct bonding method used in making the screensreduces the reflective sun light. Thus allowing users to see the items displayed on screen even in outdoor locations.

There are two main methods in bonding High brightness Wide Temp LCD glass screens. The first method is by air bonding or air gap bonding. An adhesive solution is applied between the touch panel and display using the inactive areas around the screen. 
Air bondingis the most common method for creating touch panels method. This process is cost- efficient and is the preferred Sunlight Readable LCD screen creation method by other companies.
The second method is direct bonding or optical bonding. Direct glass bonding applies the adhesive throughout the surface between the display and the touch panel. This ensures that no air bubbles form on the screen.
The direct bonding method also provides a more crisp display since the bonding eliminates sunlight reflection. Additionally, this glass bonding method prevents contrast from degrading. Hence, allowing users to view the display from many angles without losing image quality.
Our products are packaged in rugged, metal enclosures. We also offer several customization options to better fit your needs.
All of the parts of our rugged wide temp LCD screens are assembled at our USA factory. Therefore, ensuring that only the highest quality products are offered to our customers. 

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