8.4" Military Rugged PC

Here, we have our 8.4" Military Rugged PCs which are configured to suit the needs of military and industrial applications.This line of computers proves that it has the strength, power and flexibility to perform reliably in rugged applications. These are available in Intel Atom and Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo processors for a powerful computing capability. See our list of products below to see an overview of each.

These products are specifically designed to withstand harsh applications. For dust and water-resistant features, it complies with full IP65 rating standards. It has also an aluminum housing with anti-corrosion treatments. Meanwhile, its compliance with the various military standards such as MIL810F and IEC60068-2-27 ensures that it has an anti-shock and vibration protection.

Its 8.4-inch screen monitor delivers high quality of display with a resolution of 800x600. There's also an optional touchscreen feature for ease of usage and interactive applications as well. To maintain a clear and visible display at all times, there's an optional sunlight readable display with a high brightness level. It makes use of military-grade connectors for a reliable system. It supports various operating systems including Windows XP embedded, Windows XP professional embedded, Linux 2.6.11, and Windows CE 6.0 EmbedSys ESD OEI CD Core Runtime.

iTech Company's military rugged PCs offers solutions where primary data and communications equipment can't fail even when exposed to various challenging conditions. We also offer customize solutions to best meet the requirements of your application. Speak to us directly about your specifications to find out how we can help.