18.5" Seperable Style LCD Monitor (Model: RS1850)

18.5" Seperable Style LCD Monitor (Model: RS1850)

18.5" Seperable Style LCD Monitor (Model: RS1850)

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Traditional LCD monitors integrated LCD panel, video & audio processor, function controller and power supply into one cabinet, which not only increase their volume and weight, more importantly, the LCD panel will produce heat in working conditions, the power consumption will be increased with panel size increases which caused more heat generated . In addition, the heat from video processing modules and peripheral components built-in the video processing system will greatly reduce stability and service life of the monitors.

Split type design
Apart the display (LCD panel) from video & audio processing and master control system, minimize the heat of monitor and make its performance more stable.

More portable
Split type design, minimize the size and weight of monitor to make it more portable.

Easily For Maintenance
If a failure appears, just need to inspect, repair or replace the components built in the bottom case, rather than disassembling the whole unit, which will reduce maintenance costs definitely.

More compatible
Choose “video & audio controllers” with different functions according to  the application requirements at current stage. We just need to buy corresponding “video & audio controller” instead of LCD panel if we want to upgrade the monitor, which will greatly reduce users’ purchasing cost.


Screen Protector
To prevent the LCD screen from being scratched or impacted, the innovative designed separate protector is only 300g, made of the special material with characteristics of good optical transparency, high resistance to impact,  and with excellent thermal stability, creep resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and flame resistance. Installation and removal is simple. Not only can effectively protect the LCD screen from being impacted, you can also make it as a transparent drawing board  to help the producer to preset the position when shooting the advertisement etc.

Extensible Sunhood
It is sepecially designed for RS1850HD. This designed is based on iTechLCD previous sunhood technology,and fully considered the strong light inteference to the monitor in outdoor shooting. The secondary extension design of the sunhood could solve the strong light intefering problem.

Screen protective angle

USD Head phone jack
integrate heat dissipation board


Screen Size 18.5”
Resolution 1366(H)x768(V)
Dot Pitch 0.300(H)x0.300(V)mm
Aspect Ratio 16:9 / 4:3 Switchable
Brightness 300cd/m˛
Contrast 1000:1
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angle H 170° / V 160°
Voltage Input DC12V
Voltage Range DC 6~36V
Power  Consumption ≤28W
Installation Desktop or VESA mount
Monitor Size Display Unit: L 461mm x H 273.8mm x D 40.9mm
Controller: L 487 mm x H 51.7 mm x D 165.5 mm
Size:L 487 mm x H 332 mm x D 165.5 mm
Total Weight 7.3kg

Inputs & Functions

Model Function RS1850HD RS1850 Remark
Video input Composite BNCx1 line
SD-SDI   BNCx2 line
HD-SDI   BNCx2 line
VGA D-SUB15x1 line
HDMI HDMIx1 line
Audio Input RCAx1 line(stereo)
Auido montioring Speaker 2x2W(8Ω) Earphone:3.5mm Standard Interface
SDI embedded Audio   PPM / UV
Video output Composite BNCx1 line
SD-SDI   BNCx1 line
HD-SDI   BNCx1 line
TALLY red/green two colors
Desktop stand  
VESA mount size 100x100 mm

RS1850 Functions table

Brightness waveform      
RGB waveform      
Marks:Safety mark,Center mark,Title frame
Scaling: 16:9,4:3,LETTER BOX,Built-in scan,Overscan
Pixel to Pixel
Color temperature 9300/6500 , adjustable
4 channels audio meter display      
UMD function      
Red/Green two colors TALLY display ● (Soft TALLY) ● (Soft TALLY) ● (Soft TALLY)
Peaking(peaking level,edge color,edge width adjustable)      
False color      
Battery checking      
Backlight control      
Monochrome(BLUE ONLY)

Function Sketch Front View

1 Displaying unit
2 Adjusting screw
3 Folding stand
4 Controlling unit

Function Sketch Top View

1 Lock key / Menu exit
2 Shortcut key(User-defined)
3 4:3 / 16:9 Aspect ration switch
4 Color / Blue only switch
5 Safety ratio adjustment
6 Color / B/W switch
7 Composite in switch 
8 Scanning mode switch 
9 HD/SD-SDI(1) in switch 
10 HD/SD-SDI(2) in switch 
11 HDMI in switch 
12 VGA in switch 
13 Brightness / Menu
14 Contrast / Volume
15 Adjusting indicator light
16 Saturation
17 Sharpness / Pixel to Pixel

Function Sketch Back View

1 Handle
2 DP signal input 
3 DC power input 
4 Headphone jack
5 Protection bar 
6 Audio input
7 Composite input / output 
8 HD/SD-SDI input 
9 HD/SD-SDI output 
10 HDMI input
11 DC power output(connected with displaying unit) 
12 DP output(connected with displaying unit) 
13 VGA input 
14 TALLY input 
15 DC 12V power input 
16 Power switch 
17 VESA fixing hole