7" Tablet LCD Rugged PC

Nowadays, several industries need to bring computing equipment to the far reaches of their operations or service area and this can be achieved with a device that is portable but with a capability of a desktop computer. iTech Company offers an ideal solution for this with its range of 7" tablet LCD rugged PCs which features long operational life and rugged design that can withstand challenging environments. These rugged tablet computers are now commonly used in various applications such as distribution, freight, warehousing, construction, field service, and manufacturing. Browse these products below and their corresponding applications.

These devices combines durable and portable design with the operating power of a desktop computer. With its high performance powered by Intel processors, it enables you to run essential applications to perform office work from the field. The screen delivers a superior image quality for a clear and easy-to read workspace. For ease of use, it has a capacitive touch screen feature as well. Its long battery life battery ensures that you are able to operate the device full day of computing.

There are a number of optional features that you can avail for more connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 3G module for GSM or CDMA cellular modem. Other optional features include the camera, magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner and RFID reader.

Our selection of tablet rugged PCs are equipped with features that meet the demands of several industrial as well as commercial applications. These features are required in a mobility application where ease of use and durability are essential. Contact us for more info about our products and services.