6.5" High Brightness 1850 nits LCD kit Module (Model: LOPH650-AR-Kit)

6.5" High Brightness 1850 nits LCD kit Module (Model: LOPH650-AR-Kit)

6.5" High Brightness 1850 nits LCD kit Module (Model: LOPH650-AR-Kit)

  • Overview

LOPH650 is a 6.5" sunlight readable LCD module. The module consists of an Optrex T51750GD065J-FW TFT color LCD panel and a I-Tech VHB (very high brightness) backlight. The module is in an edge mount, semi-ruggedized case. There are two models available. The LOPH650-AR-Kit has an anti-reflective front polarizer, and the LOPH650-AG-Kit has a regular anti-glare front polarizer.

At a backlight power of about 11.5 Watts, the LOPH650-AG-Kit module displays a VGA (640 x 480) image at an extremely high screen luminance of 2,150 Cd/m2. At this brightness level, the display is highly readable under bright ambient lighting including direct outdoor sunlight. With the I-Tech BI206D inverter, the screen luminance can be adjusted down to about 10 Cd/m2 for night viewing. In addition, the color tone of the white matches closely to the color of normal sunlight.

Parameters Typical Value Units Conditions
LCD Screen Luminance      
LOPH650-AR-Kit 2,150 Cd/m2 LCD in OFF state (normally White)
LOPH650-AG-Kit 1,850 Cd/m2 LCD in OFF state (normally White)
Luminance Uniformity 20% or better   (Note 3)
Backlight Power Consumption 11.5 Watts Total power to the LED driver board
Screen Luminance Dimming Ratio >450:1   At the optimum viewing direction
Typical LCD Contrast Ratio ~150:1  

At the viewing direction ^ to LCD.

Typical Viewing Angles
3:00 to 9:00 directions � 60 Degrees Contrast ratio ≥ 5
6:00 direction 60 Degrees Contrast ratio ≥ 5
12:00 direction 40 Degrees Contrast ratio ≥ 5
LCD Screen Chromaticity (x, y)
White (0.360, 0.380)   With LOPH650-AR-Kit,measured at the normal direction
Red (0.581, 0.347)    
Green (0.344, 0.541)    
Blue (0.161, 0.187)    
Response Speed
Rise time 28 msec  
Rise time + Fall time 25 msec  
LCD Module Weight 250 Grams  

Note 1: Please refer to Optrex T51750GD065J-FW LCD data sheets for detailed LCD electrical specifications and general precautions.
Note 2: All data is measured at 25o C � 2oC ambient temperature.
Note 3: Uniformity = (Lmax - Lmin) / (Lmax + Lmin) where Lmax (Lmin) is the maximum (minimum) luminance measured using a 10
mm diameter meter aperture over the LCD active area, except the last 10 mm area from the edges.