5.7" Rugged Panel PC

Various industries these days have come to rely on electronic devices such as computers to accomplish a variety of tasks. Since many of these applications are exposed to industrial conditions and hazards, these devices are also expected to resist against those unwanted elements that can damage it such as dust and splash of water, among others. Here we have iTech Company's range of 5.7" Rugged Panel PCs which have compact design and integrated with various useful features to provide a reliable solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Browse these products below as well as their specifications.

This line of computers feature an IP-rated metal housing for robust environments and protection from various unwanted elements that can damage the device. Take note that a production floor for example can be home to a variety of incidents that may compromise electronics that are not designed for a rugged environment. Panel PCs are made to operate in these demanding working environments.

Meanwhile, it is equipped with an Intel processor for powerful and reliable computing requirements. It has also a fanless cooling system which helps prolong the longevity of the device as the fan is the most commonly destroyed component of the computer. Some of the options include the operating system, upgradeable DDR2, controller area network and mini PCIe WiFi.

With all of these attributes, these rugged PCs are suitable for applications such as industrial automation, factory automation, and smart building, among others. We also offer customization options in order to come up with a product that best meets the requirements of our clients. Contact us now and talk to our representatives for more info about our products and services.