42" Full Water Proof IP65 All in One LCD computer display


Here, we have iTech Company's 42-inch Full Waterproof IP65 All-in-One LCD Computers which are ruggedized devices and equipped with several features. With its waterproof protection and compliance with the IP65 rating standards, it offers an ideal solution applications that are in harsh environments. Its 42-inch LCD monitor size offers a large screen with excellent image quality. This line of computers are available in Intel Atom processors. Browse the products below to see its other features.

This line of computers is outfitted an Intel Atom processor for high-performance and ability to handle complex tasks. It has a fanless design for a quiet operation and for lesser power consumption as well. One of the main features of these waterproof all-in-one PC is its stainless steel gasket sealed enclosure which is compliant to NEMA and IP rating standards. This just means that this product is designed to operate in challenging environments such as in industrial applications where various unwanted elements are commonly encountered. Complying with such standard also means that it has a waterproof protection.

Meanwhile, it has an anti-reflective protective glass which not only helps maintain a clear and visible display but also acts as an protection as well. Deploying these products to extreme temperatures is not also an issue since it is equipped with a wide operational temperature range. For convenient usage, there’s an optional 5-wired resistive touchscreen functionality. Several optional features can also be availed in these products. These include a custom fitting for purging the monitor's enclosure, 9-36V DC input, high brightness of up to 1000nits, auto dimming sensor, IR remote control with front sensor, heater for lower temperatures, and an integrated VGA/DVI extender.