42" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk

Here, we have our 42" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosks which provide ideal solution for applications such as advertising, way finding, and informational display, among others. These are available in different product models including a free-standing signage, table top touch wood furniture kiosk, and all-in-one PC table kiosk. Browse each of the products below to get to know more about its specifications.

These devices feature a robust yet elegant design with more flexibility of usage in a wide range of settings. With its sharp and crystal clear displays, these exceptionally powerful and interactive screen kiosk can be a great tool to attract your audience. With the interactivity that these devices offer, you can also gain an understanding of your audience’s behavior and preferences, giving you the chance to taylor a more targeted marketing campaign.

The content can be displayed through either the device’s internal media player or by connecting your own media to the industry-standard HDMI or VGA input connections. It can also be connected to a corporate network by adding a network capable media player. Moreover, there are compatible iTech media players which are available in both X86 and RISC (Linux) configurations. Various peripherals can also be added for more functionality such as payment devices, receipt printer, and camera, etc. Its connectivity include a wireless LAN, Bluetooth receiver, 2nd Ethernet port and Slim DVD-RW device as option.

iTech Company’s digital signage kiosk solutions are ideal for deployments in high visibility locations like in retail settings, hotel lobbies, and schools, among others. With the sharp displays of these devices along with its other useful features, you are able to get attention of your viewers and deliver your content effectively.