360 LED Indoor/Outdoor Digital Signage

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I-Tech is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative display solutions. Drawing on a long tradition of R & D (research and development), in addition to engineering excellence, I-Tech has been able to break through past limitations.

I-Techís portfolio of award-winning displays includes indoor and outdoor models as well as customized screens for special applications. Founded in 1998 and based in Taiwan, I-Tech operates offices in USA, China, Japan and Europe.

I-Techís 360LED video displays are versatile and will add maximum impact in a wide variety of venues such as retail stores, airports, shopping malls, nightclubs, corporate lobbies, exhibition venues, restaurants, movie theaters and more.

I-Tech is dedicated to designing and developing LED-based(Light-Emitting Diode)digital signage solutions to support clients in numerous industries. Unlike ordinary LED displays, I-Tech 360 LED displays are cylindrical, allowing viewing from all angles, helping to ensure your message is clearly seen by your target audience. With 360 degrees of usable display space, I-Tech displays offer an attractive, high contrast, high bright, and high resolution alternative to conventional two dimensional displays. With no burn-in, lower power consumption, and a lifespan over 50% longer than that of plasma and LCD screens, LED technology has proven itself to be a practical long-term solution for digital signage. I-Tech manufacturers its displays using the finest LEDs available to ensure the picture yields the brightest, most color-rich quality possible.
I-Tech delivers perfect image quality with high brightness and resolution.

I-tech incorporates its proprietary technology, the spinning LEDs Technology, to create unparalleled image quality. The core structure consists of a drum incorporating several LED modules. As the drum spins, the system controls the lightning of each pixel at a precise location within 1/100th degree accuracy. The result is perfect image quality with unsurpassed
Traditionally, the Red, Green and Blue primary color components are placed side by side to create an RGB pixel. With our solution, the Red, Green and Blue are turned on at the same exact spot yielding a crisp and sharp image visible from any distance.
The color uniformity is consistent and accurate within 3%
Image Scaler
Display video from virtually any video source. Works like a regular television set allowing video connections such as a DVD player for movie playback, set up a video camera for a live video feed, or connect a satellite TV box to watch live video broadcast. Remote connection allows adjustment of image rotation, brightness & color. Built-in timer provides daily scheduling control.
Video Inputs:
:: Component
:: 4 USB ports
:: S-Video
:: VGA
:: DVI
Computer Interface
Store Schedule and Play contents directly from computer. Included user-friendly software provides full playback and moitoring control. Includes both a multi-card reader for playback of removable media, as well as a TV tuner card for broadcast feeds from cable TV boxes, DVD players, Video cameras, and even video gaming systems. Included software supports playback for MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, Flash, JPG, BMP, and Power Point presentations.
:: VGA out
:: 4 USB ports
:: 2 PS/2 ports
:: TV Tuner Card
:: Multi-card reader