30" Large TouchScreen LCD

iTech Company offers a range of 30" Large Touchscreen LCDmonitors which are equipped with commercial-grade features and deliver superior visual performance. This type of LCDs is integrated with touch technology for interactive user experience. With its 30” large monitor size, it offers a resolution of 2560x1600.See each of the products below as well as their specifications.

Touch screen monitors have already become a common technology these days. With a single touch, it can do a lot of things such as browsing a document, listening to music, and surf the internet, among others. However, such technology has far broader applications. It can be a great tool in various settings such as in office, retail, control rooms, and production facilities, among others. Here at iTech, we offer such solutions by combining touch screen technology and large displays, giving a unique and more satisfying user experience.

Our products feature a modular mechanism design, which offer a flexible product configuration as well as easy maintenance.These are housed in a metal chassis for protection against high impacts and rough handling. It also makes use of LED backlight technology for efficient power consumption and delivering a brighter screen.

While it supports a standard VGA Input, there’s also an optional support for other video sources such as DVI, HDMI, AV, BNC, AV looping and SDI.It has built-in speakers for convenience audio output.Some of the optional features include an ultra-high brightness panel to ensure visibility in any setting, auto-brightness sensor for application in day and night, front AR glass or vandal-resistant glass for maximum protection of the device, and a build-in PC to eliminate the need for separate media player to run the content.

Our line of large touch screen monitor displays deliver an immersive interactive experience packed with modern hardware designs. Avail our products to deliver optimal viewing results for various applications.For more info, don’t hesitate to contact us.