26" Medical LCD

In the health care industry, medical monitors play an important role in a lot of patient procedures. This type of LCD displays deliver a quiet operation, excellent picture quality and consume less energy. Here, we have our range of 26-inch Medical LCDs which offers exceptional image quality and dependable operation. It complies with various industry standards and can be used in a wide range of medical applications. See the other specifications below.

These patient monitor LCDs offer a number of optional features. These include HD-SDI and RGBS inputs for more advanced technology and to provide backwards compatibility so the user will have a consistent and reliable device that can adapt to diverse medical environments. It has also a supporting PIP (Picture In Picture) and PAP (Picture And Picture) applications for dual imaging Ultrasound, PACS, and Surgical Camera. These devices have major international certifications for safety and quality assurance. It also supports various I/O ports including DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA, Composite and S-Video, among others.

Various medial LCD monitors have various functions as well such as measuring blood gases, heart rate, blood pressure or body temperature. With its various features and integrated technologies, it is one way to improve the health conditions of patients. All in all, it brings a lot of advantages to the health care industry.

This line of LCD displays from iTech Company offer a rich set of features especially its superior image quality for patient diagnosis. Having such technology is one way to improve the services in health care facilities. Contact us for more info about the products.