23" LCD Rugged Portable PC


Here, we present iTech Company’s 23" LCD Rugged Portable PC which is a robust computing solution in a compact design. It is built out of all aluminum sheet metal for more durability, making it suitable for tough environments as well as mobile applications. These rugged portable PCs are available in Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon processors. It comes with a 23” HD LCD display that delivers superior image quality and meets the requirements of digital-media related applications. For more functionality and compatibility, it can also be configured with some add-on cards. Browse each of the products below and see which one best suits your application.


This line of rugged portable PCs comes with a 23" LCD display that delivers full HD resolution of 1920x1080. It has a number of expansion slots as well, to meet the requirements of various applications. You can also expect an optimized display for best viewing experience, especially when ambient light or sunlight has become distracting. For quicker operations without the use of keyboard or mouse, the optional touchscreen feature comes handy. Moreover, it is equipped with cooling fans and easy access to its expansion slots, making it convenient when upgrading or doing some maintenance.

iTech Company is considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the US that specializes in industrial LCDs and computers. They guarantee that their products deliver high-performance with the durability to withstand rugged applications. They also offer customized solutions to specifically meet the needs of their clients. Contact us for more information about our products.