22" Digital Signage Kiosks

Nowadays, we commonly see digital signage kiosks everywhere and we are becoming very reliant on these devices for information. Such technology not only offers an interactive experience to the users, it also captivates them and provide help on demand. Here, we present iTech Company's selection of 22" digital signage kiosks which can help improve efficiency, security, and overall work environment or retail operations. Browse the products below and their corresponding features.

These kiosks solutions features a modern and sleek design which can draw attention and promotes user interaction. It has an excellent viewable screen that is perfect for software that utilizes an onscreen keyboard. For ease of use and interactive applications, it features a touch screen functionality. You can also choose from its range of high brightness and high contrast ratio options in order to meet the demands of your application. The screen display also features high resolutions and broad viewing angle, for optimal user experience.

Meanwhile, it offers customization flexibility with its impressive amount of standard and optional components including a card reader, barcode scanner, Wi-Fi, printers, speakers, trackball and keyboard, among others. It is also very durable and built to last with its heavy-duty coated stainless steel construction. Some product models offers an all-in-one solution with an integrated computer.

All in all, this line of digital signage kiosk solutions from iTech Company offers a compact design, versatile configuration, and eye-catching aesthetic which is an ideal solution for applications such as way finding, educational, and informational purposes. For more info, contact us through our phone number or email.