Triple 21.5" Rugged Portable PC

iTech Company's Triple 21.5" Rugged Portable PC turns a single computing device into multi-screen workstations. It offers a convenient way to be folded and locked together for easy transport and storage. These products combine the computing power of a desktop with the convenience and portability of a laptop. It is a powerful computing system that combines the best of both worlds while its portability means that it can be deployed in any location. See its other features below.

Each of its 21.5-inch LCD display supports full HD with a resolution of 1920x1080. With that, it delivers high image quality without losing clarity or readability. It also allows you to create a stretched desktop with a maximum resolution of 5760x1080. You can also open an application on each display or span one across three screens.

It can be deployed in harsh settings that require extraordinary rugged capability and top-of-the-line performance. It is equipped with an aluminum construction with rubber corners. For more flexibility of usage, there's a 7-slot full-length expansion capability. It also includes an industrial multi-language keyboard with a touchpad. Moreover, it has includes a carrying case for easy handling of this portable PC.

iTech Company is considered as one of the industry-leading manufacturers of rugged LCD monitors and computers. Our rugged portable PCs boast its high-performance and durability feature that are specifically designed for a wide range of industrial applications. We also offer customized solutions in order to best meet the requirements of our clients. Call us now!