21" Military Chassis Mount LCD

iTech Company’s 21" Military Chassis Mount LCD is designed to operate reliably in the toughest environments for many years to come. These devices feature an unmatched mechanical integrity for a rugged display solution that delivers superior image quality. It also includes a number of features for more functionality and flexibility. Browse these products below and check out its other features.

These military chassis mount LCDsare designed with resistance to shock and vibration, extreme operating temperature capability, and protection from high moisture, allowing it to be used in extreme harsh weather conditions which are commonly encountered in military applications. It was designed and built with compliance to military standards such as MIL-STD-167-1, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901D, and MIL-STD-461E. It is also compliant with the IP65 rating standard for protection against dust, dirt, moisture, splash of water, and other unwanted elements that can damage the device.

It has a 21-inch Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display which delivers a high resolution of 1600x1200 for excellent performance in terms of brightness, crispness, contrast and viewing angle. Its bezel and mounting can also be customized in order to address virtually any mounting need in any application. It is outfitted with a bonded anti-reflective protective window to maintain visibility even when used under direct sunlight while at the same time, provides extra protection to the device. These rugged LCD displays are versatile as well. It supports various video inputs including VGA, DVI, and NTSC, which offer more flexibility and lower obsolescence risks as well.

This line of LCD monitors from iTech Company is specifically designed for industrial and military applications where hostile conditions are common. Whether it is naval combat, army, airborne or any other industrial application, it offer solution where performance and durability goes hand in hand.