20" Carry On LCD Monitor HD/SD-SDI/HDMI with portable case (Model: RC2000HD2)

20" Carry On LCD Monitor HD/SD-SDI/HDMI with portable case (Model: RC2000HD2)

20" Carry On LCD Monitor HD/SD-SDI/HDMI with portable case (Model: RC2000HD2)

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RC2000HD2 carry-on monitor, the professional monitoring equipment for outdoor photographyof film and TV.

  Big size monitor is very necessary for directors in field shooting. At present, most big size monitors are carried and transported by aluminium alloy box. Large volume and weight is not only inconvenient in transporting and using, but also increased the crew's labour work and cost.

As the global original carry-on monitor, RC2000HD2 is a hi-end outdoor shooting equipment crafted by iTechLCD. It extends and enriches the patented technology from iTechLCD separable monitor, and makes the big size monitor become portable into reality. It already widely adopted by the cameramen in local and overseas market.

Product Features:
◆ Use Canada original advanced engineering case with dustproof, waterproof and anticollision characteristics, suitable for various filming environment. 
◆ Unique structure design, simple operating mode, one minute to enter working state. 
◆ Built-in foldable sunhood, easy to mounting and dismounting, avoid the high light interference for the screen completely. 
◆ A piece of 14.4V /130wh camera lithium battery has 4~5 hours duration of flight. 
◆ Separating thermal design is good for non-stop use in 40°C high temperature conditions.
Functions Description:

Luminance waveform, RGB waveform, vectorscope, 8 channels audio meters, false color, monochrome, peaking filter, pixel to pixel, time code, HV-delay, battery voltage display, safty marker, safety lock, aspect ratio switch of multiple picture. 

Optional functions: 
3G-SDI, wireless video transmitter and receiver

High-class engineering box 
RC2000HD2 use Canada produced special film & TV equipment use high-class engineering box. This box is high-temperature resistant, impact resistant, waterproof and dust proof.Exquisite appearance design, solid structure.

Three-step interlink lock make the box body and upper cover connect firmly.

Solid and comfortable slid proof hand.

Automatic open device
When use the equipment, users only need to open the three-step interlink lock and lift the upper cover slightly, the upper cover with lcd display unit mounted inside will raise slowly with the hydraumatic pole to the setting angle.

For the separable patent technology used in the design, the upper cover mount lcd display unit only. It reduce the cover's light greatly , and avoid backward dumping. The traditional integrated monitor could never do this.

Lift type video/audio controller
Concerning the controller operating and box closing problem, the video/audio controller sinks in the bottom of the box when don't use and has no interference with the lcd panel or sunhood. When users need to use it, they only need to press the button in the controller inner center and it will raise automatically. When close the box, just press the controller to the bottom of the box to the lock position.

Long time battery power supply
Field shooting often use DC power supply. RC2000HD2 could get power from 14.4v broadcast li-battery . One group of 130Wh broadcast battery could support RC2000HD2 work continuouslyfor 4h.

With block-shaped high elastic sponge, users could decide the box loading groove shape according to the equipment they use.

LCD display unit heat discharge holes. 
Unique high temperature resistant design 
In the field shooting, monitors are often exposed in strong sun light. Long time exposed in high temperature will make the monitor internal device performance degrade and speed up its aging rate, and reduce its working stability and lifetime.

RC2000HD2 take separable patent technology, which separate the lcd panel from controller and greatly reduce the whole unit's heat during working.

The aluminium cover of video/audio controller has good thermal conductivity. The cover body adopt one-step molding extrusion process, 9 of 480mm long 3mm high external radiator wings not only solve heat problem of the controller, but also reduce the total weight of whole unit.

The display unit's aluminium board has air inlet and outlet holes on the top and bottom, which could discharge the working heat timely.

Video/audio controller heat discharge wings. 

 Foldable & extensible sunhood 
Sunhood is an important part of outdoor shooting. RC2000HD2 foldable sunhood adopts a very clever design. It could meet almost all the normal sun shield need, and under some special circumstances, it could extent 8cm more and get better sun shield effect. When shooting finish, it could be foldded and put in the box. This is a removable sunhood, it could be removed when doing indoor shooting.

  Easy for boarding carry 
Less than 12kg in weight, it can follow the ticket delivery to any countries and regions. Its size can meet the cabin luggage rack placement requirements and can carry boarding in an emergency.

  (IPS technology) high resolution lcd panel 
RC2000HD2 use 1600x900 resolution and over 85% color gamut IPS lcd panel. Exquisite picture quality, accurate color restoration and wide viewing angle of this panel ensure the natural display effect in any angle without gray flip or color offset.

Video/audio signal auxiliary detect function
In order to get accurate luminance and chroma information, RC2000HD2 internally installed high sampling rate brightness waveform, RGB waveform and vector scope. It display the real-time luminance and chroma, which work as photographer's and technician's reference tool to guarantee the record video information within standard luminance range.

Innovative battery electrical voltage display funcition
The camera batteries were taken as monitors DC supplies frequently in outdoor shooting. When their voltage approach the lower end, monitors screen will turn dark gradually. Although this phenomenon is not belong to the equipment failure, it’s already brought troubles to users obviously. Our innovative battery electrical voltage display function, will proceed real-time monitoring for running batteries energy and remind users to replace batteries in time.


Screen Size 20”
Resolution 1600(H)x900(V)
Dot Pitch 0.2766(H)x0.2766(V)mm
Display Ratio 16:9 / 4:3 
Brightness 300cd/m²
Contrast 1000:1
Response Time 8ms
Viewing Angle H 178° / V 178°
Input Voltage DC24V
Power Consumption ≤30W
Monitor Size L 550 x W 430 x H 213.8mm
Weight ≤12kg


Inputs & Functions

Model Functions RC2000HD2 Remark
Video In Composite BNCx1line   1.0 Vp-p±3 dB Negative synchronous
SD-SDI BNCx2line  Brightness waveform   RGB waveform  Vector waveform   HV-DELAY
HD-SDI BNCx2line  Brightness waveform   RGB waveform  Vector waveform   HV-DELAY
VGA D-SUB15x1line
Audio Input RCAx1line (dual channel)
Audio Monitoring Speakers 2x5W 8Ω   earphone:3.5mm standard interface
SDI Embedded Audio PPM / UV
Video Out Composite

BNCx1line /  Loopthrough 75Ω Auto termination

SD-SDI BNCx1line
HD-SDI BNCx1line
TALLY Red / green two color

Analog Input Spec

Input Signal Signal Spec. Signal System Standard RC2000HD2
Composite(CVBS) 480/60p NTSC ITU-R BT.601
576/50i PAL ITU-R BT.601
VGA 640*480/60p VGA VESA
800*600/60p SVGA VESA
1024*768/60p XGA VESA
1280*768/60p WXGA VESA
1280*800/60p WXGA VESA
1280*1024/60p SXGA VESA
1440*1050/60p SXGA+ VESA
1680*1050/60p WSXGA VESA
1600*1200/60p UXGA VESA
1920*1200/60p WUXGA VESA

HDMI Input Spec

Signal Spec. Interface sampling frequency (MHZ) Standard RC2000HD2
640*480/60p 25.200 CEA-861
720*480/60i 27.027 CEA-861
720*480/60p 27.027 CEA-861
720*576/50i 27.000 CEA-861
720*576/50p 27.000 CEA-861
1280*720/50p 74.250 CEA-861
1280*720/60p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/50i 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/60i 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/24p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/25p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/30p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/50p 148.50 CEA-861
1920*1080/60p 148.50 CEA-861

SDI Input Spec

SMPT Signal Standard Signal Spec. RC2000HD2
425M-A/B(3G) 1920*1080/50p  
274M(HD) 1920*1080/60i
296M(HD) 1280*720/60p
125M(SD) 480/59.94i
ITU-R-BT656 576/50i