1U ~ 2U Rackmount Keyboard Storage Drawer


A keyboard shelf is one way to have a stable workstation in a usually limited-space server room environment. By integrating such products directly into your rack, you don’t need to have a separate desk workstation in your server area. With these, iTech Company offers it range of 1U Rackmount Keyboard Storage Drawers which allow the network administrators to minimize space and avoid clutter. See these products below as well as the specifications of each.

Our keyboard storage drawers offer a convenient solution for 1U-high short-depth (14") storage space for compact keyboards. For comfort, especially when using the keyboard, there’s a two-inch wide palm rest provided. In order to secure the drawer into the rack when not in use, its front panel has a built-in handle and dual retainers. The stability of the platform is also another consideration, especially when in use. With this, it features an attached ball-bearing slides lock in the extended position.

For a sleek design and an organized-looking drawer, keyboard and mouse cables are being kept away from obstructing in and out movement of the drawer with its rear-mounted carrier. On the other hand, there are various choices of rear slide extensions to provide rack mounting adjustments of 14" to 31" rail to rail rack depth. Moreover, there are various configurations to choose from to choose your specific needs. You can opt for an empty drawer or a drawer plus keyboard/ mouse combinations.

Feel free to contact us in order to help you select the right rackmount keyboard drawer for your application.