19" Rugged Panel PC

iTech Company's 19 inch Rugged Panel PCs are high-performing machines and feature top-of-the-line cutting-edge technology. It offers a reliable computing solution even under challenging work conditions. It can also deployed both indoors and outdoors for various applications such as medical, industrial automation, and food service industry, among many others. Check out the specifications of these products below.

These computers are outfitted with an extreme rugged cast aluminum front bezel for protection against elements that can damage the device such as moisture, dust, vibration and splash of water. It can withstand extreme conditions without experiencing loss of data, breakdowns and other mechanical problems. It is designed to endure intense temperature changes including extreme heat and cold. This line of panel PC also gives you the ability to select a detachable computer that can be screwed to the back of the panel mount LCD monitor. Such feature provides you a quick way to upgrade or repair a PC.

For outdoor applications, there are some options such as various brightness levels to ensure that the screen is readable even the glaring sunlight or other high ambient lighting conditions. You can opt for other features such as AR coating, anti heat reflective filming, and antireflective glare properties. Thereís a touchscreen functionality which is available as resistive touch, capacitive touch and infrared touch, giving you the flexibility that you need to have the most rugged touch screen for your environment.

These rugged PCs offer reliable and exceptional computing performance for multiple industries. To know more about these industry-leading solutions, contact us and letís discuss what the best solution that will best pertain to your industry needs. We also provide customized product design in order to best meet your requirements.