19" Military Rugged PC


iTech Company comes up with 19-inch Military Rugged PCs which are designed to suit the requirements of rugged applications. Each product is tailored to the application using military grade connectors and integrates unique interfaces which are essential for the defence and avionics world. Take note that a correct hardware in a military application is indispensable. Consumer-grade computers won't carry out the activity and they won't have the capacity to withstand such rugged conditions. With these, this line of rugged computers ought to address that need. See these products below.


These computers are available in various processors including Intel Atom, Intel Core i5 and i7 to conform to the necessary defense and military standards. It has a touch screen control button to enable and disable touch screen interface if you prefer. There’s also an optical bonding feature with panel and touchscreen to increase clarity and transparency.

Most of these products have a clear resolution of 1280 x 1024 while others may deliver 1440 x 900 resolution. It has a built-in light sensor for auto brightness control for more convenience and a reasonable view angle of 80-85 degrees. Its display produces up to 16.7m and has a variety of brightness and contrast you can choose to. Thanks to the fanless concept, such systems have improved longevity with no need for air dust filter for maintenance.

To know more about these military rugged PC solutions, call us or email us to help you about specific requirements, configurations and unique interfaces that best suits your application.