19" Digital Signage Kiosks

Whether it is intended to display information, advertising, way finding, event broadcasting, ticketing, and event registration, digital signage kiosks offer an ideal solution for such applications. Such technology enables you to present your content in an interactive and engaging manner which can transition an advertisement into transactional sales or valuable customer services. Here, we have iTech Company’s selection of 19" Digital Signage Kiosks which include a complete hardware and software solution. Other feature that you can avail is its touch-sensitive hardware devices for interactive applications. Just any of our LCD products, the screen delivers excellent quality of images.

These digital signage kiosks in 19" monitor sizes offer a modern and adaptable solution that are designed to impress the audience. For more flexible configuration, it was engineered to accommodate optional features such as credit card reader, receipt printer, keyboard, trackball and Wi-Fi capability. It has a sleek design that is indeed a space-saving solution. It is equipped with a wide array of transactional components, making it one of the most powerful retail solutions available on the market.

Some of the features of this product is wide viewing angle touch screen for a more noticeable display and for interactive applications. It is made of galvanized steel with a powder coat paint finish which contributes to its durability. For longer period of usage, it has a high volume cooling fan. Other optional features that you can avail include the credit card reader, WiFi or cellular connectivity, barcode scanner, thermal printer, and stainless steel keyboard and trackball. All in all, it is ideal for businesses that seek to improve ROI and user interaction.

It is no doubt that digital signage systems not only inform the audience, but it also entertain them, reduce their perceived wait-time, increase traffic and repeat visits. All in all, it helps businesses increase its sales and improve customer experience. At iTech Company, our digital signage kiosk solutions help you to have an efficient and effective business operations. Our products are not only innovative, it is also made of high quality components that you can use for several years to come. Contact our representatives for more information about our products and services.