17" Military Rugged PC

iTech Company's range of 17-inch Military Rugged PC systems are resilient devices that are designed to endure rugged applications with top-of-the-line performance. These are available in various processors such as Intel Atom, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7, providing powerful computing capability and power-efficiency. See these products below.

While performance is very essential in military applications, this type of computers should also be rugged enough to be deployed in a battlefield scenario. Just think about all the possible environments that the military forces encounter. With these, such products comply with various military standards and IP65 rating standards for protection against unwanted elements such as shocks, vibrations, dust, and splash of water, among many others. It has also a military-grade power connector to avoid system failure when used in harsh conditions. Moreover, these computers are alsoequipped with an anti-corrosion housing protection and a fanless design, which gets rid of the most common damaged component– the fan.

On the other hand, the rugged feature is not the only factor to consider. These computers should also be equipped with top processors and hardware available. Our products are available in various processors including Intel Atom, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7, providing powerful computing capability than can handle complex tasks.Its 17-inch LCD screen delivers excellent image quality with convenient on-screen display controls for easy adjustment. There's also a built-in light sensor for auto brightness control. In military applications, it is common to link computing devices in data and operations centers. With this, these computers have an extended WiFi or satellite antenna for transferring information conveniently.

Contact us for more info about this line of military rugged PCs. We also offer customize solutions to best meet your requirements and specifications.