Triple 17.3" Rugged Portable PC

These Triple 17.3 inch Rugged Portable PCs from iTech Company offer a durable portable workstation that allows you to have a multiple screen PC platform for applications such as field video monitoring and data acquisition, among many others applications. Each widescreen LCD has a resolution of 1920x1080 with a tempered glass protection to withstand rugged usage. These line of portable computers are also equipped with Intel Dual Xeon 5600 or Core i7 980X processors for a powerful computing performance. See the other features of these products below.

These portable computers can be folded into a neatly package for more mobility. It has a three 17" widescreen LCD that delivers high quality of display and Full HD Panoramic Display. For rugged protection, it is outfitted with an aluminum chassis construction as well as corner bumper protection. It is also a multi-slot computing system such as PCI-e, PCI-X and PCI expansion slots for the latest high speed acquisition boards, giving more flexibility in terms of its functionality. In terms of its storage, it can be scaled up to 6TB of space with RAID, SAS option as well as removable capability.

While everything is integrated and can be folded into a lightweight portable package, it features the latest brightness contrast LED backlit LCD, processors and foldable keyboard w/ touchpad. For ease of operation, there’s also an optional resistive touchscreen that you can avail.

All in all, this series of triple screen rugged portable PCs offer an integrated computing solution to be deployed in industrial and various professional digital media and broadcasting applications. Contact us for more info about these products.